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Thai SIM cards

5 easy steps to use SIM cards in Thailand


Step 1: Unlock mobile phone

Contact Network service providers (NSP) to unlock mobile phone before getting on an airplane by following the procedures in accordance with requirements of each Network service providers (NSP) and after unlocking, then insert Thai SIM card into devices, for Thailand, all SIM cards sizes are available and in the procedures to unlocking may require additional service fees.


Step 2: Purchase SIM cards at the airports or service providers store

For tourists residing in Thailand for less than one week, enabling mobile phone and internet networks at the airport it’s another convenient and time saving option, because the service providers counter at the airport will focus on selling Internet, call and messages package suitable for tourists that residing short-term. For tourists residing in Thailand for a long-term, should contact the service provider’s store directly, which is located in most of the department store to purchase a package suitable for long-term use at a lower price. In generally purchasing a SIM cards will require passport of the users to register with name and passport number.


Step 3: Choose a service providers & usage package

In Thailand there are 3 main Network service providers, which are AIS, DTAC and TrueMove H and the usage package deals that are popular among tourists are daily, weekly and monthly package which is allocated to suit the different schedules or programs of each tourist.


Step 4: SIM cards Top-up

Topping up the Thai SIM cards is convenient and easy, can be done at 7-eleven and service provider’s store including vending machines and top-up “Boonterm” all over Thailand.


Step 5: The method of using the SIM cards depends on the type of devices and Network of users, for the prepaid SIM cards, after the topping up it can be used for 30 days and users can check the remaining balance and time available by dialing each Network service code and press call.


The codes for checking balances and time available of each Network service are as follows:

AIS: *121#

DTAC: *101*9#

TrueMove H: #123#